November 9, 2021 by The AfricTivistes Civic Action Prize for 2021 is moving into its final phase that will lead to the selection of the African champion of civic action. The votes of the public and the institutional jury have chosen the five finalists who will compete for the first edition of this prize which will be presented on Friday, November 12, 2021.

The 5 Finalists of the AfricTivistes Prize for Civic Action 2021 known


Dakar, 09-11-2021 

The AfricTivistes Prize will be awarded for the first time in parallel with the Third AfricTivistes Summit, #Abidjan2021. It is to honour the citizen champion who has initiated the best innovative project or the best civic and citizen action that brings change in his/her community. 

The public vote (60%) combined with that of the institutional jury (40%) helped to decide between the 10 candidates shortlisted by an institutional jury following a call for nominations. At the end of this stage, the following 5 profiles were selected as the best projects: 

Muazu Alhaji Modu, Founder of the Spotlight for Transparency and Accountability Initiative, Nigeria (Citizen - Led Tracking Initiative).  He launched a social accountability initiative to empower citizens at the grassroots level to demand accountability and track government spending on social services, health, education, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in grassroots communities to increase and ensure accountability and improve public service delivery at the sub-national level.

Mamadou Diakhaté, Founder of the association Simple Action Citoyenne Sénégal. In addition to renovating dilapidated schools, building boreholes and wells, Mamadou Diakhaté, with his group “Team Niintche”, wants to further expand his project. He is in the process of transforming his structure into a social incubator for students who have dropped out of school and young social deviants.

Djamila Boubacar Sahabi, Founder of Actu Magazine & Nissa Pad, Niger. With her brand of washable sanitary napkins “Nissa Pad”, Djamila wants to promote sustainable solutions that contribute to the emancipation of women, and to the support of young adolescent girls in school to stay in school during their periods. 

Divine Ingabire, Founder and Executive Director of I Matter Initiative, Rwanda. Through this project, young girls, sometimes victims of stigmatization during menstruation in Rwanda, are accompanied and sensitized through online and offline campaigns to help them better understand the issues related to sexual and reproductive health.

Laetitia Carelle Goli, Initiator of the Women’s Political Academy, Côte d’Ivoire. Her organization trains women from civil society and political parties in political science and citizenship to become agents of change in their communities.

For the next step, each finalist will have to prepare a pitch in front of the audience, the day of the presentation of the Prize at the Hotel Ivotel-Plateau, followed by a vote of the public present and the decision of the final jury.

Learn more about AfricTivistesPrize: https://prize.africtivistes.​org/

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